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Three words to describe Ms. Cynthia Hopkins:
My daughter met Ms. Hopkins at a band camp several years ago. She came home raving with excitement about her experience in camp with this wonderfully amazing flute professor. She said, "Mom I must have her as my flute mentor". Of course, my first reaction was not to change to someone that I barely knew anything about, and she was doing just fine and excelling with her present mentor. After several weeks of literally begging, her and father and I decided to at least meet Ms. Hopkins. I must truly say that we were literally hooked by her professionalism from our first phone conversation. It wasn’t long before we began to see and hear the change in our daughter’s tone and technique. Ms. Cynthia Hopkins professionalism was evident in every lesson and therefore our daughter began to model and pattern the same professionalism in her performances and interaction with other musicians.
Ms. Hopkins provides the utmost in proficiency and quality time in each learning session. The rigor that is established and personal guidance given to the student far exceeds the minimum investment compensated in tuition.
And last, but certainly the most important, is her passion for the gift and the gifted. We continue to experience the passion and love that is given by Ms. Hopkins. Our daughter, who is now a sophomore music therapy major in college, continues to receive holistic instruction from Ms. Hopkins. As a music educator, I understand the importance of remaining assessable and true to our students as long as life allows, and that’s what we have been so fortunate to have in Ms. Hopkins. She pulls out or should I say "places within" her students a desire to not only be the best and play better every time the case is opened, but to remain grateful to the gift of music….fine.
-- Edith Stuart

Our daughter Evy has been Cynthia's student for 6 years. Cynthia has taught her to play with a beautiful tone and a mature skill level in reading and communicating music. Evy has won first place in local contests year after year and has even placed on a national level, and, no doubt thanks to Cynthia's example, is considering majoring in Flute Performance in college. Cynthia's winsome personality is very effective in making learning fun and she is able to get the point across in a caring, light-spirited way when reprimand is necessary. Cynthia's smile and enthusiasm are contagious. Even her beautiful yard is a testimony of her meticulous attention to detail and beauty. We are grateful to have found Cynthia as a teacher, to have enriched our daughter's usefulness and enjoyment as a musician, and to have made this worthwhile investment in our daughter's future.
--Jeff & Theresa Beach

When Cynthia talks to me about her students her enthusiasm is clear. I
don't just see a teacher of the flute - I see a life coach that wants to
guide each of her students to use the skills they learn in ever aspect of
their life. Whether they want to become a professional musician, pursue a
related career in the arts, or simply become an outstanding musician because
of their love of the flute, Cynthia brings both professional experience and
a very caring relationship to her teaching that makes her exceptional in her
-- Rhonda Hunsinger
Executive Director
South Carolina Philharmonic

Cynthia Hopkins, flutist for the South Carolina Philharmonic and Furman flute professor, is a phenomenal performer and teacher. It has been a privilege to have Ms. Hopkins come out to work with my students in demonstrating proper flute pedagogical skills such as tone production, proper instrument carriage, fingering and tonguing techniques, etc. Students who have studied with Ms. Hopkins have consistently earned top seats in the South Carolina Band Directors Association All-State and Region Bands. Her love for music, teaching technique, and special care for each individual student has helped foster many brilliant flutists from Richland District Two and surrounding areas. It has been a pleasure to watch my students flourish and mature both musically and personally with the help of Ms. Hopkins' guidance and instruction.
-- Maria Lee
Summit Parkway Middle School Band Director

I have enjoyed my musical association with Ms. Hopkins very much over the past seventeen years. I have always appreciated her intentional and dedicated approach to her applied studio. She treats her students as individuals while still holding high expectations for their achievement on the flute. She is also a terrific ensemble performer and a first class soloist. She recently helped us premiere a difficult flute and piccolo concerto, which she performed with ease and sensitive musical phrasing. I have been very fortunate to have her as a trusted colleague and my friend.
-- Les Hicken
Director of Bands, Furman University

My daughter started taking flute lessons from Ms. Hopkins when she was eight years old. Ms. Hopkins has great experience in teaching flute and is passionate for teaching. She never lets her student feel tired or bored, but makes every flute lesson fruitful AND entertaining. My daughter enjoyed every single flute lesson. After taking lessons from Ms. Hopkins for just one year, she progressed so quickly in fingering, tonguing, and air, which further led her to win the first place in South Carolina Flute Society flute competition. We highly recommend Ms. Hopkins to everyone who would like to do well in flute playing.
-- Hongmei Zhang, Memphis Tennessee

Cynthia Hopkins is simply, the best flute teacher in the Columbia midlands for any grade level student. We are very fortunate to have a fantastic professional musician making herself available to teach students of all ages. While most professionals will specialize in teaching the top level high school and college students, Cynthia will welcome the beginner level flute player into her studio to develop them into that fine high school and college musician. A student having Cynthia teach the proper playing habits at the earliest possible stage of their study, will encourage their progress, their interest, and their long term success. My All-State flutes, with few exceptions, have come from the studio of Cynthia Hopkins.
-- David Allison
Director of Bands, Spring Valley High School

Cynthia Hopkins is a consummate musician as a teacher and performer of flute. She was a student in ensembles with me during her undergraduate and graduate studies in music at USC from 1983-89. She also played in the Palmetto Concert Band (adult semi-professional ensemble) with me for several years beginning in 1999. Cynthia was a first-rate flutist and principal player in college. Her position as adjunct professor of flute at Furman University and member of the South Carolina Philharmonic Orchestra and Augusta Symphony Orchestra attest to her superb talent. She’s experienced great success as a private teacher of flute in the Columbia area leading numerous high school students to continue musical performance and study in college. She obviously excels in teaching skills and motivation.
-- James K. Copenhaver
Distinguished Professor of Music/Director of Bands Emeritus
University of South Carolina

Cynthia Hopkins is a fantastic flutist and an outstanding colleague of mine in the SC Philharmonic. If you want to study the flute, she is the BEST. Go see her!!!! You will be making one if the best investments of your life (or your child's life). If you're looking for a flutist for a gig, HIRE HER!!! You can thank me later.
-- Wendy Cohen
Principal Flute
South Carolina Philharmonic

Great teachers inspire their students to grow and develop their skills. Cynthia Hopkins is one of those talented teachers. When I began taking lessons from Ms. Hopkins in high school, I quickly learned that I had a lot of room for improvement, given the fact that I wanted to pursue a music degree in college. Ms. Hopkins encouraged me and gave me the tools to be successful. I became a Region Band participant (something I had not attained before taking lessons from her) and was prepared to take college auditions. I received multiple music scholarships, and I know I could not have done it without the fine musical training she instilled in me. During college, I continued to take lessons from her and my musicianship only improved as a result of her guidance. I know that my career as a musician is due because of the strong foundation of music Ms. Hopkins provided me. I would recommend her to any flute student who wants to turn playing flute into playing music!
-- Laurie Peebles
BM - Music Therapy
MM (2015) Music Education

I have known Cynthia Hopkins for more than 30 years. She is a wonderful musician and teacher. She has a very engaging personality that is perfect for teaching young and not so young flute students. Her students instantly bond with her. She has very high expectations and produces student musicians of the highest caliber.
Kelly Tucker, Woodwind Specialist and Asst. Director, Chapin Middle School Band

Private lessons were a huge part of my development as a musician and teacher. I learned how to interpret music - both melodically and structurally - and my exposure to diverse repertoire and composers has given me a much broader knowledge of orchestral and solo literature. I also learned very quickly more effective practice methods - methods that I share with my own students every day. I now have my own woodwind studio and frequently ask myself 'what would Cynthia do?' As a teacher, she set very high, but attainable expectations for me, and pushed me to be the best musician I could be. Her knowledge and instruction was essential as I grew as a musician in college, as well as later on when I began my own studio.
-- Maggie Hollis
BME, Furman University
MM, University of South Carolina

My daughter, Summer, is 9 years old. She has taken from Cynthia for less than a year. When Summer first started, she didn’t have anything that she could really call her own in the way of passions or interests. She now frequently tells me that when she is playing the flute “nothing else matters” and “time flies by”. Cynthia spotted her learning style early on which has helped Summer not get frustrated. Cynthia is very professional and yet has a familiarity that makes you feel like old friends. I have been very appreciative that she lets parents of very young students sit in, because I feel like that I have come home with nuggets of wisdom. Cynthia is an excellent flutist and teacher!
-- Crystal