Columbia Flute Studio ... where young flutists become great flutists.

Cynthia Hopkins, flutist


My philosophy is quite simple, really: help young people fall in love with music and teach them how to be wonderful musicians.  First, there must be some excitement and desire that is encouraged both from parents and mentors. Young people today have so many things to look at and do....  “Things” that keep them busy. I believe it is our job as artists to help the next generation find their own creative vision, and their own physical manifestation of something great. It is this work and creativity, not trophies, that builds strong character and a vibrant look on life.

In training the youngest ones, it is my job to find the excitement in their spirit and build on it. While finding and nurturing a young love, I concentrate on teaching a solid foundation for lifelong success in sound and technique. As a student ages, and even perhaps would like to become a professional musician, it is my job to find the fire in them and then hold their feet to it. As the real work begins, it is my place to help them always to remember that both the beauty and work are worth the outcome.

I have been blessed with hundreds of students to cross my path in these 30 years of teaching. I love every personality, every unique twist, and every level of expectancy for achievement in each student. I am humbled and honored to be a part of the process for each one of them, no matter how they utilize this skill as their life progresses.

Methods of Study